Monday, June 15, 2015

Free Webinar: Small Lot Trading Strategies for Options Traders

John Carter of Simpler Options is back this Tuesday evening June 16th at 8 p.m. with another great free webinar. John's focus this week is on trading strategies that can be used when trading small lots. These trading methods can be used with ANY size account.

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Here’s what you’ll get out of John's free webinar.....

 * The difference between trading for income vs. growth

                                      * Why attempt to double your account “before” it goes to zero in 12 months or less

                                      * How to control risk while being an aggressive trader

                                      * What Stops to use and when

                                      * The mindset of an aggressive trader

                                          and much more....

Get ready for the webinar by watching this great video John put together to give you an idea of what's going to be covered in detail on Tuesday night....Watch "What's Behind the Big Trade"

John's free classes always fill up fast so get your reserved seat now and make sure you log in early so you keep it.

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See you Tuesday evening,
Ray @ the Crude Oil Trader

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

What exactly was behind John's "Big Million Dollar Tesla Trade"

I still believe this is when everything changed for the average trader. It was only weeks later that the talking heads on CNBC were offering up their own versions and books about trading options in this way. That's right, I honestly believe that our good friend and trading partner John Carter of Simpler Options wrote the book on options trading. Literally.

And the actual sea change came when John placed this public [that's right live for all to see on screen] trade in Tesla [ticker TSLA] last year. And in the process made one million dollars. And John continues using and refining those simple methods and sharing them with our readers.

He is back again this week with a new video and as always is absolutely free!

Watch John's new video "What's Behind the BIG Trade" > Here

In this short and powerful video, John will show you.....

  *  How he made that famous million dollar trade

  *  The number one goal of every trader so you can consistently make money trading

  *  The difference between trading for income and trading for account growth

  *  Why you don't want to put it all on one big trade because you can have consistent account growth

  *  The best vehicle you can use to grow an account fast

  *  Examples of trades made this year that you could have used to grow your account

      Watch the video HERE

      See you in the markets,
      Ray's Stock World

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Time to Move Capital into Next Bull Market – Part I

Our trading partner Chris Vermeulen just shared with us his take on what most traders are missing when it comes to market rotation. It's a great reminder of what so many of us did so wrong not to long ago. Let's play this different this time.

If you remember the dot com bubble as clearly as I do and are a technical analyst then you will recall the month which the NASDAQ broke down and confirmed a new bear market has started. The date was November of 2000.

You may be wondering why I bring this up. What do tech stocks have to do with commodities?

Good question because they have nothing in common. But the key here is that when a bull market ends in one asset class that money is shifted into another. That money moved into commodities and resource stocks and in a big way. Precious metals and miners exploded, surging an average of 1000% return (10 times ROI) over the next six years, topping out in 2008. In fact, these resource stocks bottom the exact month which the NASDAQ confirmed it was in a bear market on Nov 2000.

Compare Dot-Com Bubble & Burst to Precious Metals Stocks 

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing some of my top stock picks in the metals sector (gold, silver, nickel, and copper). If you missed the 2001 and 2008 metals bull market then you best pay attention and be sure you don’t miss what is about to happen.

Read Chris' entire post and chart work here > Time to Move Capital into Next Bull Market – Part I

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Free Webinar: The 5 Step Checklist You Can Use to Find the Next Hedge Fund Darlings

Our trading partner John Carter of Simpler Stocks and Options is back this Tuesday evening June 2nd at 8 pm eastern with another one of his game changing free trading webinars and the trading methods he is covering this time are soooo simple.

You probably already know that John's webinars are wildly popular and always fill to capacity so reserve your asap and log in 10 minutes early to guarantee you don't lose your seat to someone on the waiting list.

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In this Free Webinar John Carter is going to share....

 *  How do you find these stocks in today's unpredictable market

 *  The fundamental criteria every stock should meet before you buy

 *  The technical analysis tool that I almost named my first child after

 *  Why the market conditions are perfect for this opportunity right now

     And much more....

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John sent out a great free video as a primer for this event.....Watch it Here

See you Tuesday night,
The Crude Oil Trader

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

New Video: Secret Strategy to Get into Stocks Before the Hedge Funds Do

When our trading partner John Carter of Simpler Stocks and Options makes a claim like this we listen and so should you. John has put together a new free video that shows us how to use the habits of most hedge funds to know exactly when to enter positions. And this is easy.

Just click here to watch "Why Now is the Best Time to Buy Stocks"

In this free video John will share:

  *  Why money coming out of a large cap stocks is an opportunity for you

  *  What's the magic price that gets stocks on the hedge funds radar

  *  Why there is still an opportunity in buying stocks today if you know where to look

  *  Why the opportunity is no longer in the stocks you probably own right now

      And much much more.....

This free video will show you the secret strategy John uses to ride stocks UP when the hedge funds start doing the driving.

Watch it here and put this to work NOW!

See you in the markets!
Ray's Stock World

Secret Strategy to Get into Stocks Before the Hedge Funds Do

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Here's Why Gold Will Be Priceless in Three to Five Years

Over the next few years as debt, currencies and countries start to fall apart and individuals will be looking to place their money where it will hold its value and buying power during times of extreme uncertainty.

If you eliminate fiat currencies which are created out of this air and are nothing more than a credit we are left with precious metals and stones. As much as we have evolved over time, we could be valuing things like gold, silver, platinum, and precious stones more so than our currency.

Let’s face it, currencies are swinging in value 20-50% regularly and while most people do not realize it their buying power often is not as strong as it was. Would you rather hold a large portion of your capital in say the EURO which is falling like a rock in value costing you thousands of dollars a month, or would gold and silver which rises in value as your currency falls be a smarter decision?

Click Here to Read Chris Vermeulen's entire article and charts

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Monday, April 27, 2015

John Carter's Free eBook "How to Make Money in the Stock Market"

You probably recognize our trading partner John Carter from seeing offers to watch his wildly popular free options trading webinars. John has used these webinars and videos to teach traders some of the most advanced options trading methods imaginable.

Now John has decided to create this new eBook that will help the average home gamer learn how to trade the markets using easy to understand trading techniques that any of us can use starting right now.

In this free stock trading eBook you will learn....

 * What are the stock market life cycles that help you predict where the market is headed tomorrow

 * Find out who you are trading against and prepare to make the right moves

 * How sector rotation can be used to create steady winning trades for your trading account

 * How to avoid being impacted by high frequency traders that are manipulating other markets

 * How to properly manage your portfolio to generate consistent income within your own personal risk profile

Download the eBook and meet us in the markets putting these methods to work!

See you in the markets!
Ray's Stock World

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Our Next Call....Own this Sleeper Stock Before April 30th

We just got word from our trading partners at the International Speculator. Their message? "Own this sleeper stock that's running through April". The metals sector research team believes this will be the next high grade gold producer. If you want to make a fortune in the resource sector, all you need to know are the two times you should buy gold stocks.

The first: Invest in a gold mining company just before it makes a tremendous discovery.

Obviously, this is a daunting task. And without hands-on experience or a field research, you’d have better odds at winning roulette.

The second: Buy shares of a gold mining company just before it starts producing.

When a mining company announces its “First Gold Pour” is usually the only time it makes headlines, outside of a discovery. From that day forward, it’s a cash generating producer… and the value is no longer trapped in the rocks. That’s when the big money institutional investors take interest. Once they pile in, shares move very quickly.

Of course, there are very few new gold mines opening up in the world at any given time. So these opportunities are quite rare. But today, you have the chance to jump on one. We have found a deeply undervalued mining company with a high grade deposit 8x richer than the average mine.

Today, shares are cheap. But it’s scheduled to start pouring gold for the first time very soon—after that, shares could soar. In fact, Louis James, the chief metals and mining investment strategist at Case Research, believes this company could at least double in value.

But only investors who act before April 30 will have the chance to realize these gains.

Click here for all the details of this incredible opportunity

See you in the markets!
Ray's Stock World

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

This Weeks Free Webinar....How to Find High Probability Earnings Trades

Our trading partner John Carter of Simpler Options is back with another one of his wildly popular free webinars. This time around it's "How to Find High Probability Earnings Trades"......Register Now

This free webinar will be held this Tuesday April 14th at 8 p.m. eastern time.

In this webinar John will discuss......

  *  Why earnings announcements offer a quarterly opportunity you may want to take off from work for
  *  Why playing big price movement is not the only way to trade around earnings
  *  How to plan around earnings season each quarter so you’re not caught by surprise
  *  How to avoid the common mistake traders make around earnings
  *  The simple way to know which options to trade around earnings so you never pick the wrong one

And much more…..

Don’t worry, if you can’t attend live. We’ll send you a link to the recorded webinar within 24-48 hours. But you must pre-register for the event.

Just Click Here to Complete Registration

See you Tuesday,
Ray's Stock World

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Will Warren Buffett Really Let This Deep Value Slip By?

By Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst

Right now, even the staunchest gold investors are weary of the years-long drubbing the gold price has taken since its $1,921 peak in August 2011. Whether the frustrating experience is the work of a market rigging conspiracy, government manipulation of data to hide inflation, those blindingly loyal Keynesians who keep pounding us with messages that gold is nothing but a “shiny bitcoin,” or the gullibility of mainstream investors who tell themselves that, gee, since Warren Buffett is a billionaire, his “gold has no utility” mantra must be right, it hasn’t been fun. The nasty downcycle has offered no respite.

That’s all about to change.

If there’s one constant in the resource sector, it’s the boom-bust-repeat cycle that over the past 40 years has been almost predictable. This is particularly the case with gold stocks.

We charted every major cycle for gold stocks (producers) from 1975—when gold again became legal to own in the US—to the present. You can easily see that not only do gold stocks cycle up and down repeatedly, but the percentage gains for buyers at a cycle bottom can be downright mouthwatering.

What’s interesting about where we sit today in early 2015 is that gold stocks have now logged the second-deepest bear market since 1975—rougher even than the selloff following the 1980 mania.

This history teaches three “how to get rich” lessons.
  1. For the recent bear market, the bottom for gold stocks is almost certainly in.
  1. The next major cycle in gold stocks will be up.
  1. The profits could be spectacular, because as the patterns show, triple-digit gains have been common.
Gold stocks have finished the bust that tormented investors for more than three years and are now preparing for another boom. All you have to do is hold on and wait for the next cycle to begin. No timing required.

The only thing we don’t know is if Mr. Buffett will see this chart and jump on the in-your-face deep value that gold stocks are showing right now.

Gold stocks will soon go vertical again—just as they have many times in the past—and investors with just a smidgen of patience will see their gold portfolios driven by a hurricane-force bull market. Virtually all gold stocks will go much higher. As in the past, gains for the strongest juniors will be 10-to-1, and you can expect a few superstars to return 100-to-1.

I talk about this rich opportunity with some of the most successful investors in the gold sector—Pierre Lassaonde, Frank Holmes, Rick Rule, Bob Quartermain, Ron Netolitzky, Doug Casey, and Louis James. Check out our free webcast, Going Vertical, a can’t miss one hour event that will show you the life-changing profits waiting just ahead.

And yes, we extend our invitation to Warren Buffett.

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