Thursday, September 12, 2013

Trading the Trend....Is Your Strategy Working?

This week our trading partner Todd Mitchell is sharing his unique trading strategies and we are finding they aren't for everyone. And, especially not for those people who like to use complicated software or get handcuffed to some "black box" trading system.

But it's a great insight into how professional E-Mini traders place winning trades everyday. You have to watch Todd's free presentation "The Simple Truth About Trends"

Todd proves that the key to pulling money of the markets - whether you're trading stocks, Forex, E-Mini futures or Options - is to trade with the prevailing trend. Yet, most people doing it all wrong. They're missing critical clues in price, getting in too late and not exiting their trade before the trend turns.

However, after watching this free video you'll have more knowledge about the trend than 90% of other traders.

Inside this presentation you'll discover:

- 3 Critical Bullish Patterns in Price
- 3 Important Bearish Patterns in Price
- 3 Little-Known Truths in Trend That Apply in all Markets in all Timeframes
- How to Spot Reversals Before They Happen
- How to Determine the Strength of the Market

There's over 1,000 comments of people raving about this content and I'm certain you'll agree it's one of the best presentations you've watched all year.

Watch "The Simple Truth About Trends" now!

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