Friday, August 30, 2013

Precious Metals & Miners Flash Short-Sell Signal

It has been a bumpy ride for precious metal investors over the past couple of years and unfortunately we do not think its over just yet. But we feel fortunate to have our trading partner Chris Vermeulen on our team walking us through this.

Today Chris is telling us that the good news is that the bottom has likely been put in for gold, silver and gold miners BUT the recent rally in these metals and miner looks to be coming to an end. While we could see another pop in price over the next week or so the price, volume and momentum seem to be stalling out.

What does this mean? It means we should expect short term weakness and lower prices over the next month or two.

Here are three charts Chris posted several months. Their forecast were based off simple technical analysis using cycles, Fibonacci and price patterns. As you can see we are not trading at our key pivot level which we expect selling pressure to start to increase and eventually overpower the buyers sending the prices lower.....Click here to see Chris' complete chart work and article.

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