Friday, June 21, 2013

New video.....How to Profit From Momentum by Trading Market Phases

Today Michelle "Mish" Schneider and the great staff at MarketGauge put their years of experience commodity trading and managing hedge funds to use for us. Showing us how when you define the market phases you put yourself at an advantage on how to approach your trading, because market phases help you determine which direction the market is headed next.
Come learn how professional traders apply specific  ‘trade rules’ depending on what phase the market is in to produce greater gains.
Follow the link below to watch a quick video from my friends at MarketGauge that highlights how you can ‘Trade With The Wind At Your Back’. It’s easier than you think to use market phases to gain momentum, and pack BIG gains in your portfolio.
In the video you’ll discover how to:
·          Define the market phases to put yourself in a position of power when trading each day.
·          Apply specific ‘trend trade rules’ to current conditions that develop positive momentum for your trading.
·            Identify when the phases will change, leading to massive profit opportunities.
·            Pinpoint the most profitable time to trade for immediate gains.
·        Enter a trend trade before the big move starts, leading to greater gains.
·        Safely trade retracements with HUGE profit potential.
       And More…
Don’t just ride the ebbs and flows of the market, get in front of them for larger gain opportunities. Discover how to ‘trade with the wind at your back’ by watching this powerful video.

After the video, be sure to register for special training event from MarketGauge where you will see the ‘Anatomy Of A Perfect Swing Trade’ and learn strategies used by a successful hedge fund manager to read the market, anticipate market swings and ride them with limited risk, and for maximum profit.

See It Here

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