Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Energy Sectors You Should Invest in This Year

Top energy analyst Marin Katusa, frequently featured in the financial media such as Forbes, Business News, Financial Sense News Hour, and the Al Korelin Show, says two undervalued energy sectors will provide windfalls for smart investors this year.

The bullish side: The report details the most bullish energy sectors for 2014 and beyond.

In one of those bullish sectors, there is a country that boasts one of the lowest taxation rates for oil and gas plus has the benefit of a $12.00 per barrel difference in price.

The second one is an energy sector that is extremely undervalued right now, but is slated for major growth this year.

Another is poised to make big gains from the Putinization of Europe—and the resulting push for European countries to produce their own oil and gas.

See which companies are ready to make the biggest gains in the oil and gas industry this year (and it’s not the actual oil and gas producers).

The right time to get into these sectors is now, before the big gains are being made. Investors who get positioned early on can reap big rewards.

The bearish side: There are also three other energy investments that Marin recommends not to touch this year—not because these energy resources don’t have merit (Casey subscribers have invested in them before), but because the risk of losing your money is just too great right now.

Read his assessment, including which energy investments you should be bullish on for 2014 and which you’d only lose money on.

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