Monday, May 2, 2011

The Man Who Built Pricing Models for Mutual Funds at Fidelity Investments.

For the past decade, a Russian-born former systems engineer at Fidelity Investments has been developing mechanical trading systems to trade the stock, commodities and Forex markets. He’s been developing and testing them with real money. 
His name is Mikhail Borisov. He’s had great success with a number of systems. In fact, about 80% of his systems produce consistent profits. 

Yet, NOTHING, and I mean nothing has generated the consistent, real world results like the system he’s developed for index options.  

Last year, in 2010, Mikhail used his new options trading system to make 93 trades, about 2 per week, every single one of which was for a gain!  

That is: Every one, without exception.
Just to clear this up from the get go: This is NOT another “hypothetical,” back tested system like we’ve all seen for the past 30 years.

This is REAL MONEY trading that has worked like a virtual ATM machine for the past 4 years running.  

In 2009, using this same system, Mikhail made 150 options trades an average of 3 per week. 
Out of the 150 trades, 147 were winners and just 3 were losers. That’s an accuracy rate of 98%.

Again, these were real money trades, not hypothetical profits like you see in back-tested trading software.  

Now, Mikahil and his team have created a series of videos that…
... reveal precisely how this trading system works... 
... why it produces more winners than any system Mikhail has ever seen, and 
... how the average investor can use it to produce consistent income week after week, month after month, no matter what is happening in the overall economy.

Best of all, these videos are absolutely FREE!

Some of Mikhail’s systems produced greater profits, but also greater losses. That wasn’t for him. He wanted an investing system that makes above average returns and lets him sleep at night.  

This new system does just that. 
In 4 YEARS of real money testing, this system has produced just 4 losers of between $548 and $650 each. As I said, for 2 out of the 4 years, it has produced NO LOSERS AT ALL, just 100% profitable trades.

It’s easy to sleep at night when your investments only go UP, and each week you have more money in your account than last week.

Don’t miss this rare, perhaps never to be repeated opportunity to see for yourself how I beat the market week after week. Simply:

Happy Trading,
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