Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Options Market Has Changed and Here's Why

As you know, bigger changes in the market bring potential for bigger profits. This isn’t a new concept. However, I bring it up because our trading partner Doc Severson just released a new video tutorial detailing a major change making its way through the options.

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In fact, Doc, a world renowned Options trader, traveled to Chicago to get a first hand account of what’s happening. And here’s why his trip is important to you:

He discovered that the big institutional investors aren’t gaining an advantage this time. Instead, the change underway is bringing a unique advantage to retail traders like you and me. About time, right? But unfortunately, too many traders are using strategies that don’t match today’s market conditions.

That’s why you must watch Doc’s presentation right away. He’s showing you how to adapt, so you can make a consistent weekly income as a trader and prepare for today’s “new normal” market. Doc gives you the full scoop in this tutorial.

Click here to watch....and of course it's free.

See you in the markets,
Ray's Stock World

P.S. What we’ve seen lately with how the global economy has affected U.S. markets is only part of the story....Get the full story here.

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