Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Trading ETF'S for Profit, Protection and Peace of Mind ....our next FREE webinar

Our readers have asked if our trading partner John Carter could do for them, the average trader and long term investor, what he has done for the advanced options traders. And John has responded with a complete new program, the Simpler Stocks Trading program, complete with his wildly popular free trading webinars.

John gets the program started with our first webinar in the series, "Trading ETF'S for Profit, Protection and Peace of Mind", on Tuesday August 19th at 8 p.m. est.

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In this Free Webinar John Carter is going to share:

*   How you can add high probability trading technique that you can use on small to large accounts the next trading day

*   Why ETFs have a strategic advantage over any other market you’re trading

*   Why ETFs can be used to create steady winning trades for your trading account

*   Why ETFs help you avoid being impacted by high frequency traders that are manipulating other markets

*   How to trade ETFs to generate consistent income within your own personal risk profile

Get your seat for our next free webinar "Trading ETF'S for Profits, Protection and Peace of Mind"....Just Click Here!

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