Wednesday, February 12, 2014

John is winning on only 20% of his trades

Did you make 7 figures on your trading account last year?

John Carter did just that but discovered something very odd in the process. Over 80% of those amazing returns came from just 20% of his trades, so John analyzed that 20% and found an unbelievable formula.

Flash forward to 2014 and in a matter of weeks he has already beaten his 2013 profit total. That's right John Carter made 7 figures in NET returns on his trading account in under 6 weeks this year.

This is the secret sauce you must find out for yourself, and John explains his success in a free video he just released this morning. You will see his actual 2013 trade statements and see how John Carter's trading has been transformed by an Italian economist's observation in 1906.

It's easy to access the video, no registration form or additional information necessary.

Simply click Here and auto submit your email to instantly access the video and join John's e-letter.

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