Saturday, November 16, 2013

Option Probabilities Spell Possible Trouble for Treasury’s

Our trading partner J.W. Jones is coming at us today with a great post on where he sees the Treasury ETF TLT headed. Great guidance for where the market at large just might be headed.....

The incredible rally in equities in 2013 has begun to stir concern among many that the stock market is now in a bubble. We have entered the euphoric stage of this bull market and equity prices cannot and will not go lower according to some talking heads in the financial punditry.

While chatter is starting to heat up that equities are in a bubble, the real bubble seems to be ignored for the most part. The larger, more concerning bubble is in the Treasury marketplace where the Federal Reserve continues to print money to purchase treasury bonds to help keep interest rates artificially low.

Instead of debating the bubbles in Treasury’s versus equities, or trying to predict when the bubble in either asset class may pop, I want to focus on the near term for price action expectations in longer dated Treasury bonds.

Here is a weekly chart of the Treasury ETF TLT which is supposed to reflect the price action and yield generation of a portfolio of 20+ year duration Treasury bonds issued by the U.S. federal government.....Read "Option Probabilities Spell Possible Trouble for Treasury’s" 

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