Sunday, November 10, 2013

Is America the Next Big Contender in LNG Exports?

By Russia Today, News Network

Just a few years ago, pundits claimed that the US would be a major LNG importer—now they're saying the US will be a major exporter. The truth, says Casey Chief Energy Investment Strategist Marin Katusa in an RT interview, lies somewhere in between. Compared to its global competitors, says Marin, "America is a bit behind the eight ball, so to become a major player, they have to start getting their act together."

This interview was recorded at the Casey Research Summit in October. You can hear much more about where the US might be going in the eye-opening panel discussion from the Summit, "The Myth of American Energy Independence," with Marin and high caliber guests from the uranium and oil & gas sectors, including former US Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham and Lady Barbara Judge, chairman emeritus of the US Atomic Energy Authority.

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