Friday, August 2, 2013

The Market Trend Forecast....Our Latest Market and Gold Views

The staff at TMTF have continued to correctly project the wave patterns for months now for their subscribers in the SP 500 Index. Their latest views were to look for a minor wave 3 top at 1698 with a pullback minor wave 4. They hit that on the nose with a 23.6% fibonacci retracement of minor wave 3 as the index hit 1676.

Since that point, TMTF outlined a Wave 5 pattern that should take the SP 500 to 1736-1771. Several weeks ago they patterned out 1768-1771 as a perfect target for a Major wave 3 high. This will be followed by a 125-200 point SP 500 correction if we are correct.

Below is the latest chart update outlining what we project ahead. A run to 1736-1771, followed by a 120-200 point correction for Major Wave 4 in the SP 500. Subscribers get multiple updates each week.

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