Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to beat the market makers at their own game

2013 will be remembered as the year the retail investor was introduced to the world of trading options. And our readers have been lucky enough to follow our trading partner John Carter of Simpler Options as he teaches us how to successfully trade options using his "unique weekly model".

A couple of times a year John is willing to produce a new video and bring us his latest take on trading options including showing us his recent trades from his personal account. What do you need to do to understand this system?

Just click here to watch his new video!

Here's what you'll be learning......

    *   How he has made $650,000 this year beating the market makers at their own game

    *   The Dirty Little Secret of Weekly Options

   *   Why weekly options are his favorite way to trade options

    *   The account size you need to trade weekly options....[Here's a hint...any size]

    *   Your goal as an options trader

    *   And so much more...

Watch the video and please feel free to leave a comment and tell us what you think about the video and what you think about using his weekly options trading model.

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Watch "What Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know about Trading Options"

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