Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Are you making the 5 mistakes most financial gurus are teaching?

Doc's getting ready to reopen his highly anticipated OptionsMD program, but before he does, he wants to deliver some real hardcore value for absolutely no cost or obligation to you.

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He exposes the ugly truth about....

* Why 70% of mutual fund managers cannot beat the S&P
* Why most financial planners (who are hired to protect your assets) lose their shirts in a market crash.
* 5 mistakes that many financial gurus are teaching (that might actually prevent you from becoming financially independent)

It's one of the most eye opening presentations that I've watched in a long time!

We've met some pretty incredible Options traders before, but I've never met anyone quite like Doc. There's a reason why he's been called "One of the top Options Trading Professionals in the World!"

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