Sunday, January 27, 2013

Introducing Kirt Christensen and His ETF Trading System

Today we would like to introduce you to our latest contributor Kirt Christensen. We will be posting Kirt's articles on a regular basis but today we want you to take a look at Kirt's unique way of looking at and trading ETF's.

Kirt has created a simple, yet powerful, system that allows a trader to make an average of 6.32% monthly with ETFs with as little one hour per week of homework and research. He has been successfully using these techniques with "live trades" since 2007. And that's through all types of crazy market conditions.

Again, this is based on actual trades, not theory. We all know that theoretical crap will decimate your retirement accounts. Best of all, he is willing to teach you what he has discovered, for free.

He is doing a live web event this week where he'll be revealing the following.....

*   A little known market sector, along with three simple steps, that could allow you to safely earn a decent return of more then 5 or 6 percent monthly with ETFs.

*   He'll show us what type of ETF you should be trading and how it's going to compound your returns.

*   Why he thinks you should avoid using the "moving average" indicator like the plague and what really works instead.

*   Why he believes most “expert” advice could actually decimate your portfolio and delay your retirement.

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