Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How the Best Analyst In the World Nailed Netflix

Most every day we interact with the best market analyst in the world. The problem is most traders don’t even know it, or think about it.

I’m referring to....The market itself. Here we have a powerful, dynamic, up to the minute force, which is the sum total analysis by some of the smartest people in the world all coming together in one place. It is amazing!

When a market closes, you have the best indication of market trend and value, and what’s going on in that particular market. The markets really do decipher the complexities of the economy, the future prospects for a stock, or the supply and demand picture for a futures market.

For example, Netflix, which reported disastrous earnings last night was pummeled this morning, losing some 35% of its value. The best analyst in the world alerted smart traders that there was trouble ahead for this stock.

And our very own Trade Triangle technology nailed this one, just like it has done with so many other markets in the past. This move did not come as a complete surprise to MarketClub members, who have been short Netflix since August 9th at $225.30, with our original sell/exit/short signal. You can put the best analyst to work for you everyday when you use MarketClub.

Why are Tuesdays important? Quite often market reversals happen on Tuesdays. As an example, it’s Tuesday and the S&P500 and several other major indices are down from their recent rally highs. Tuesday is when traders decide to take profits based on the momentum from the weekend and Monday. This is the theory behind our 52 week high and 52 week low rule. You follow through with the momentum Friday to Monday and take profits on Tuesday.

Whether or not this is a major reversal in the market is too early to tell, but remember it could be. The S&P500 is coming from a 61.8% Fibonacci upward correction.

There’s going to be numerous opportunities in the markets in Q4, like the gold market. We alerted you yesterday with a +100 Chart Analysis Score and gold is up dramatically today, proving again that the market is the best analyst in the world.

Now, let’s go to todays video and the charts covering the six markets we publicly cover.

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