Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is John Thomas on to Something?

Volatility is the new norm, and John believes that the conflict in Libya and its ripple effect will overhang the markets for some time.

John is going to help you understand how the war in Libya affects the range of asset classes out
there so you can trade like a winner....until long term trends reassert themselves.

Because you’re one of my readers, John is doing us a favor and helping us make heads or tails of the war and determine how to make the right plays for our own trades. With rough seas ahead, there are mines we need to avoid if we’re going to take profits as we navigate the uncharted waters of the current market environment:

The S&P 500 is up close to 0% for the first quarter of 2011 and stocks look to be stuck in a
trading range for the foreseeable future.....

The Fed is behind the curve on raising interest rates, there will be no flight to safety in the
dollar, but rather a sell off and flight to the euro and the yen as others plan to raise rates…

Slower economic growth means less demand for industrial commodities and precious metals…

Real estate has gone from bad to worse....John is one of the top global investment strategists in the world. He doesn’t want you to get stuck holding the bag in this market. There’s a way to cash in on this upheaval, but you should join him so he can arm you to invest like traders who always come up with winners.

To get everything you need to know, just click this link to get this urgent trader briefing.

I watched this presentation with pencil and paper in hand, and I HIGHLY recommend you do too.


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