Friday, July 30, 2010

New Video: We Analyze Akamai Technologies AKAM

This stock looks lower based on a classical technical pattern

This is the first time we have looked at this particular stock and it appears to chart beautifully. The stock we are referring to and analyzing today is Akamai Technologies Inc. The symbol for this stock is AKAM and it is traded on the NASDAQ.

In this short video we share with you a classic chart pattern that we've seen thousands of times before in different markets. The pattern is very reliable and seems to work well most of the time. Some people believe in this type of technical analysis, however, some folks feel that it may as well be voodoo.

We believe that history and markets repeat themselves based on human nature, which has not changed in thousands of years.

The video is free to watch with our compliments and there is no need to register in order to watch. As always please feel free to leave us a comment and let us know what you think about our analysis.

Watch "We Analyze Akamai Technologies AKAM"


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